A creative “classroom” studio for artists of all ages, Jennifer’s Artistical Garage offers a range of always-fun, multi-session art classes and workshops.

From creating ceramics to metal tooling, drawing and painting to fused glass, our classes cater to artists young and young at heart, alike. We offer classes for kids, for parents and kids, and for adults only.

Located in Issaquah, WA, the Garage is easily accessible by car or regional public transportation. The creation of artist Jennifer Comer Krohn

Jennifer Comer Krohn

I left a career as an industrial and graphic designer to become a mom and raise a family.

Helping out at my kids’ school, I experienced the unfortunate lack of arts funding in public schools firsthand. So I joined other concerned and qualified parents in volunteering as an art teacher. There, I learned I love teaching kids!

I also love learning. I’ve never stopped studying with new instructors, in new techniques, and in all manner of media. It all informs the creative projects I create for classes.

My students constantly amaze me. Their fearlessness is inspiring and beautiful and comes out in their artworks. I love to continually improve upon projects helping their individual creativity come out while teaching them some real art skills. I like providing just enough structure to give them a framework and teach them something new while encouraging their own creative style. They always surprise me. I have high expectations and they never disappoint me!

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Industrial Design from Western Washington University. She spent a decade as a 3D Graphic Designer working for Seattle design firms including Michael Courtney Design and Ilium Associates. The work involved a broad range of materials and art processes creating informational and identity systems and public art installations in collaboration with architects, designers and fabricators. She considers her education ongoing, and has studied more recently with masters in ceramics, stained glass and glass fusing.


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